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12000 Days - The Devil In The Grain

The Devil In The Grain is the new CD from 12000 Days, a duo comprising Martyn Bates and Alan Trench. On The Devil In The Grain Alan Trench utilises all manner of string devices to create the shimmering backdrop, Martyn Bates's forlorn soul-voice swoons over the acoustic melodies. Bate's gentle lilt is rich in texture and strong in dexterity as the music ranges from pastoral acoustic to stirring, rugged sweeps. Apart from the rousing 'Hand of Glory' the acoustic tracks are largely melancholic and quite beautiful. The title track adopts a haunting atmospheric approach while the lone vocal of 'Plea' closes the album off in a beautiful gentle manner. Unlike the preceeding The Garden of Wild Stars this one doesn't feature any traditional songs but 12000 Days continue to fit nicely into the English folk tradition. Martyn Bates is the singer of Eyeless in Gaza and Alan Trench is the guitarist in Orchis. For more information contact or go to