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artist - title artist - title
156 - The Art of Dying
400 Lonely Things - Mother Moon
400 Lonely Things - Apophrenia
6 Comm - Like Stukas Angels Fall
6Comm and Freya Aswynn - Yggdrasil Night
7 SE7EN 7 - Eye of God
15 Delights of Dionysus - The Nightmare Muzeum
12000 Days - The Devil In The Grain
A Challenge of Honour - Wilhelm Gustloff
A Challenge of Honour/Der Feuerkreiner - Iberia 2007
Acolytes Action Squad - Winkle Time
Acts of Worship / Die Anstalt - Split Single
Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + The Hafler Trio - The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion
Adam Ant - Adam Ant is The BlueBlack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner's Daughter
Aenima - Never Fragile
A Laminar Project - A Laminar Project
Albireon - I Passi Di Liu
Allerseelen - Edelwiess
Allerseelen - Knistern/Löwin
Allerseelen - Pedra
Allerseelen - Knospe
Allerseelen/Sangre Cavallum - Barco Do Vinho
Allseits - Hel
Marc Almond - Stardom Road
Marc Almond - Varieté
Marc Almond with Michael Cashmore - Gabriel and The Lunatic Lover
Marc Almond - Brel Extras
ALT - White-Out
Alternative TV - Primitive Emotions
Amenti Suncrown - Zenith Pitch and interview
AMP Studio - Unconscious Country
Anabasis and Gargrim the Liar - Two Worlds
Anemone Tube - Golden Temple
Anemone Tube - In the Vortex of Dionysian Reality
Angel of Decay - Covered in Scars
Angels of Light - We Are Him
Another Headache - Pushing The Envelope
AntiChildLeague - The Father
AntiChildLeague - Holy Ghost
Apoptose - Blutopfer
Arcana - The New Light
Archon Satani - Mind of Flesh and Bones
Arecibo - Trans Plutonian Transmissions
Àrnica - South European Folk Compendium
Ashram - Ashram
ASVA & Philippe Petit - Empires Should Burn
Atrabilis Sunrise - Pillgrimage
Attrition - Tearing Arms From Deities
Attrition - All Mine Enemys Whispers
Attrition - Millions of the Mouthless Dead
Aun - Black Pyramid
Aural Holograms - Vol 1
Awen - The Bells Before Dawn
Ax - Metal Forest
Baby Dee - 4 track EP
Babyflesh - New Wave of Cynicism
Backworld - The Seeds of Love
Dave Ball · Jon Savage - Photosynthesis
Band of Pain - Que Amiga?
Gregorio Bardini - Sentinelle Del Mattino
Bee - ThaiCapsule / Spirit Inclusion Spirit Delusion
Michael Begg - A Moon That Lights Itself
Michael Begg - Vanitas
Michael Begg - Moonlight and Sentiment
Belborn - 3 Three Drei
Jac Berrocal and Andrew Liles - Rock 'n' Roll Station
Bestial Mouths - Bestial Mouths
Big Cocky Man Sinweldi - Is Europe Dying?
Bisclaveret - Psyche Nomine
Martin Bisi - Feral Myths
Martin Bisi - Your Ultimate Urban Fantasy
Black Faction - Internal Dissident
Black Sun Productions - Astral Walk
Black Sun Productions - operettAmorale
Black Sun Productions - Im Gegenteil
Black Sun Productions and Val Denham - Somewhere Between Desire and Despair
Black Sun Roof - Feral
Bleeding Heart Narrative - All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World
The Bleeding Peasant Orchestra - Sanctuary and Truce
Bleiburg - Pieces of a Broken Dream
Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Absinthe: La Folie Verte
Blood Bright Star/High Aura'd - High Aura'd/Blood Bright Star
Blood Bright Star - The Silver Head
BMX Bandits - My Chain
BMX Bandits - Bmx Bandits In Space
Bocksholm - Excursions by the Bank of the Black River
Bone Woman - Pagan Songs From The Circle
Bretwalda - Cammock Tongue
Brighter Death Now - Why
Buddhist Or Assassin - Limerence Story
Burial Hex - Book of Delusions
Burial Hex - In Psychic Defense
William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin
Cadaverous Condition - Destroying The Night Sky
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Ballad of the Broken Seas
Isobel Campbell - Milkwhite Sheets
Caprice - The Evening of Iluvater’s Children
Caprice - Sistersimplicty
Captain Sons & Daughters - Brighter Than The Universe
Captain Sons & Daughters - Sweet Fang
Chris Carter - Electronic Ambient Remixes, Vol. 3 and interview
Carter Tutti - Cabal
Carter Tutti - Feral Vapours of the Silver Ether
Carter Tutti Void - Transverse
Michael Cashmore - Sleep England
Michael Cashmore - The Snow Abides and interview
Michael Cashmore - The Doctrine Of Transformation Through Love 1
CO Caspar - Pass The Times
Cat's Eyes - Cat's Eyes
Monte Cazazza - The Cynic
C.C.C.C. - Chaos Is The Cosmos
Helena Celle - Music For Counterflows
Andrew Chalk, Ralf Wehowsky & Eric Lanzillotta - Yang-Tul
Changes - Fire of Life
Changes / Andrew King - Untitled Split
Changes - Twilight
Changes - A Ripple In Time
Chaos/Order - Chaos/Order
Chirleison - A Whisper
Chris & Cosey - The Essential Chris & Cosey Collection
Chthonic Force - Delirium Tremens: The Best Of Chthonic Force
Cindytalk - Subterminal
Brian M. Clark - Songs From The Empty Places Where People Killed Themselves
COH and Cosey Fanni Tutti - COH Plays Cosey
Coil - The Ape of Naples
Coil - Black Antlers
Coil - The Remote Viewer
Coil/Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled
Coil - Backwards
Coil - Stolen & Contaminated Songs
Coil/Zos Kia - Transparent
Coil Zos Kia Marc Almond - How To Destroy Angels
Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Villers-aux'Vents
Colossloth - Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth
Column One - Electric Pleasures
Come On - New York City 1976 -1980
Compactor - Total Data Control
Compound Eye - Journey From Anywhere
Concrescence - Obscured By The Dark Years
Brian Conniffe / Suzanne Walsh / Diarmuid Macdiarmada - Landslide
Contagious Orgasm - Loop Floor
Julian Cope - Citizen Cain'd
Cornucopia - .c.
Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell and interiew
C.O.T.A. - Marches and Meditations
Cotton Ferox - First Time Hurts
Crass - The Feeding of the 5000 (Remastered)
Crass - Stations Of The Crass (Remastered)
Crisis - Escalator
Crisis - Revenge Is Sweet
Cultural Amnesia - Press My Hungry Button and interview
Cultural Amnesia - Enormous Savages
Cultural Amnesia - Enormous Savages Enlarged
Cultural Amnesia - Bad Meditation
Current Ninety Three & Antony - Live At St Olaves
Current 93 - Black Ships Ate The Sky
Current 93 - Nature Unveiled
Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising
Current 93 / OM - Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)
Current 93 with Sebastian Horsley - Dandy In The Underworld
Cyclobe - Pathfinder
Cyclobe - Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window
C4I - Copenacre
dab.ay.ah - Find The Canyon
Daemonia Nymphe - The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphes/Tyrvasia
Daemonia Nymphe - Daemonia Nymphe
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. - Det Stora Oväsendet
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. - Det Stora Oväsendet (Remixes)
Dark Muse - Sounds from Beyond The Silver Wheel
Darkness Enshroud - Totentanz
Dave and Jerry - Almost Alive In Two Zero One Five
Death In June Presents KAPO!
Death In June - The Wall of Sacrifice
Death In June - Abandon Tracks
Death In June - The Guilty Have No Pride
Death In June - The Phoenix Has Risen
Death In June - The World That Summer
Death In June - Symbols and Clouds
Death In June - The Rule of Thirds
Death In June - Black Angel - Live!
Death In June - The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Extras
Death In June - NADA! Plus and interview
Death In June - Peaceful Snow
Death In June - Peaceful Snow/Lounge Corps
Death In June - The Snow Bunker Tapes
Death In June - Essence!
Death In June - The Wall Of Sacrifice Plus and interview
Death In June - The Corn Years Plus
Death In June and Boyd Rice - Alarm Agents
Death In June and Boyd Rice - Scorpion Wind
Deathpile - G.R.
Decadence - A Beheaded Winner and Fragrances of Happiness
De Fabriek - Quatro Erogenic Occupy Theme's
Défilé des Âmes - Lust 'n' Stone
Défilé des Âmes - South European Folk Compendium
Jerome Deppe and Gentlemen Obscura - Showtunes For The Damned
Der Blutharsch - When All Else Fails!
Der Blutharsch - Live At The Monastery
Der Blutharsch - When Did Wonderland End?
Dernière Volonté - Le Feu Sacre
Derniere Volonté - Les Blessures de L'ombre
DeSalvo - Mood Poisoner
Dawn Desiree - Dawn Desiree
Detonator - insert title
Devon Loch - Sleep Scale
Diable Amoreux - Zwergen
Diable Amoreux/Hermann's Horn - Winter Thoughts
Dieter Müh - Cari Saluti
Dieter Müh - Aakal
Dieter Müh & Mnem - Atomyriades
Dieter Müh & Lon Milo DuQuette - The Call
Dieter Müh - Mutus Liber
Dieter Müh - The Bjorn Tapes
Digamma Cottage with Andrew King & AimA - Ulysses/Cor Cordium
Dissecting Table - Memories
Sally Doherty and the Sumacs - On The Outside
Sally Doherty and the Sumacs - Black Is The Colour
Sally Doherty and the Sumacs - Edge of Spring
Down In June - Covers… Death In June
Dragged Up - Hex Domestic
Dragged Up - Missing Person
Dragged Up - High On Ripple
Dream Into Dust - The Lathe of Heaven
Dream Into Dust - So Beautiful And So Dangerous
Drekka - remst8 - Drekka < - - > remst8
Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma
Duchesses - Estupet
Duo Noir - Sintra
Earthmonkey - Audiosapien
FM Einheit - Exhibition Of A Dream
Electric Sewer Age - Moon's Milk In Final Phase
Electroscope - Diapause
English Heretic - Wyrd Tales, The Heretical Reader
English Heretic - Black Harvest
English Heretic - Anti-Heroes
English Heretic - The Underworld Service
Escama Serrada - La Reina Esta Mala
Everything But The Gargoyle - Four Flies On Grey Velvet
EYE - Politics Can Be Fun Volume 1
Miles Faber - Next Age Songs for Marching Armies
Factrix - Artifact
Factrix/Control Unit - Elegy For Rusted Souls
Alex Fergusson - The Castle
Alex Fergusson - Secret Recordings 1976-1992
Paul Ferris - Witchfinder General, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Fields of Hay - Songs For Nine Ladies
Fire & Ice - Gilded By The Sun
Fire & Ice - Birdking
First Law - Velochrome
Fjernlys - Ascending Triads and Luminous Arcs
JK Flesh - Posthuman
Fleur - Prikosnovenie
Foetus - Damp
André Foisy - The End of History
Foresta di Ferro - Combat Folk
Foresta di Ferro & Novy Svet - Bulli E Pupe
Foresta di Ferro - Bury Me Standing
Formication - Crossing the Sea by Radio
Formication - Redux
Formication - The Untitled Wasdale Recordings
Formication - Icons For A New Religion
Forms of Things Unknown - Cross Purposes
Forms of Things Unknown - Black Trenchcoats and Swastikas 'n shit
Fractured Wrist - Initial Sketches I
Gavin Friday and Dave Ball - Ghostrider
Gavin Friday - catholic
Futon - Painkiller
Frames A Second - Disoriented Xpress
Brennendes Gehirn & Dorian Williamson - Rites of the Aethyr
Genocide Organ - Genocide Organ
Gerechtigkeits Liga - Hypnotischer Existenzialismus
Geomatic - Control Agents
Giddle and Boyd - Going Steady With Peggy Moffit
Michael Gira - Songs For A Dog
G.X. Jupitter-Larsen and Allan Zane - Banjax
Ginger Leigh - If I Should Die Tomorrow
Gnome & Spybey - Collective
Goatvargr - Goatvargr
Godlesstate - Godlesstate
Goem - Disco
GOR - Croissades
GOR - Phlegraie
GOR - Qumran
Greenshank - Changeable Depths
Grimbergen - A Lonely Place
Bjarni Gunnarsson - Processes & Potentials
William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin
Habeeb - Il Cancello di Morte
Hadewych - Hadewych
Bee - ThaiCapsule / Spirit Inclusion Spirit Delusion
Halo Manash - Language of Red Goats
Harvestman - Music For Megaliths
Harvest Rain - Evening and Devotion
Hawksmoor - Hawksmoor
HERR - The Winter of Constantinople
Hermann's Horn/Diable Amoreux - Winter Thoughts
HERR - Vondel's Lucifer
Hexas - Liberty Nest
Hexas / Six Comm - Torture Gardeners / Beneath The Sin
Hexentanz - Nekrocrafte
Hexentanz - The Sabbat Comes Softly
High Aura'd/Blood Bright Star - High Aura'd/Blood Bright Star
Hijokaidan - Emergency Stairway To Heaven
Mayuko Hino - Lunisolar
Hirsute Pursuit - Tighten That Muscle Ring
His Divine Grace - Reverse Alpha
His Divine Grace - Die Schlangenkönigen
Anni Hogan - Kickabye
Anni Hogan - Lost In Blue
Ann Margaret Hogan - Funeral Cargo
Hollydrift - Waiting for the Tiller
Hop Frog - The Silk Road
Howden/Wakeford - Wormwood
HTRK - Marry Me Tonight
HTRK - Work (Work, Work)
Human Greed - Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star
Human Greed - World Fair
Hypnopazūzu - Create Christ, Sailor Boy
IANVA - La Ballata Dell' Ardito
IANVA - Disobbedisco!
IANVA - L'Occidente
I-C-K - Les Hémorrágies Nihilistes
ID - Proton One
Inanis Yoake - Omoide/Memorie
In Gowan Ring - Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home
Inanna - Day Ov Torment
Initial Prayer - The Last Men In Europe
In The Nursery - Groundloop
In The Nursery - Hindle Wakes
In The Nursery - Engel
In The Nursery - Cause and Effect
Iron Fist Of The Sun - Behavioural Decline
Iron Fist Of The Sun - Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand / WYRM - Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection #1/Labyrinth Defector
Isolrubin BK - Crash Injury Trauma
Iszoloscope - Coagulating Wreckage
Jack or Jive - Kenka
Jack Or Jive - Absurdity
Jahrtal - William Blake, Lieder Von Unschuld Und Widerfahren
Janitor - Receiving A Flower on Mother's Day
J.A.R. - In Theory and Practice
Stefan Jaworzyn - EP1
Stefan Jaworzyn - EP2
Jesu - Silver
Jesu - Conqueror
JFK - La Bas 1987-1992
JFK - Weapon Design
Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr - Voir Dire
The Joy of Nature - The Empty Circle Part 1
Louisa John Krol - Alabaster
Jowonio Productions - hands/birds
Jowonio Productions - The Meat and Bread Variations
Karjalan Sissit - Karjalan Sissit
Edward Ka-Spel - Caste O Graye Skreeëns
Edward Ka-Spel - Pieces of 8
Edward Ka-Spel - Tanith And The Lion Tree
Khost - Copper Lock Hell
Khost - Corrosive Shroud
Khost [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] Godflesh - Needles Into The Ground
Khost - Governance
Khost - Buried Steel
Kickback - Les 150 Passions Meurtrieres
Andrew King - The Amfortas Wound
Andrew King - Deus Ignotus
Andrew King and Brown Sierra - Thalassocracy
Andrew King / Changes - Untitled Split
Kirlian Camera - Kalte Container
Kirlian Camera - Absentee
Kleistwahr - In The Reign Of Dying Embers
Kleistwahr - Winter
Kleistwahr - Don't Let Go: Complete Kleistwahr 1982-1986
KnifeLadder - Organic Traces and interview
KnifeLadder - The Spectacle
KnifeLadder - Live Actions In Dead Cities
KnifeLadder / Naevus - Document 3
Kollaps - Mechanical Christ
Konstruktivists - Dark Odyssey
Konstruktivists - Back To Black
Konstruktivists - Destiny Drive
Konstruktivists - Konstruktive Kontinuum
Krank/The Grimsel Path - Verdant Hum
Kriegsfall-U - Kriegsfall-U
Kreuzweg Ost - Edelrost
Kruzenshtern I Parohod With Eugene S. Robinson - Hidden Album Volume II
Lady Morphia - Essence and Infinity
Lark Blames - Chimney
Lark Blames - The Reins of Life
Last Dominion Lost - The Tyranny of Distance
Last Dominion Lost - Towers of Silence
Last Dominion Lost - Snowdrops From A Curate's Garden
Last Dominion Lost - Abomination Of Desolation
The Last Mushrooms - Invasion of the Energy Spectres
The Lava Experiments - Blackbody Vol II
The Lava Experiments - Blackbody Vol III
L'eclipse Nue - Lifeblood
Le Syndicat Faction Vivante - Morceaux de Choix
Legendary Pink Dots - Synesthesia
Legendary Pink Dots - Poppy Variations
Legendary Pink Dots - 10 To The Power of 9
Leisurehive - Spasm
Les Sentiers Conflictuels & Andrew King - 1888
Liars - They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top
Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch - When Good Things Happen To Bad Pianos
Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch - Genderful
Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch - A Bar Too Far and interview
Little Annie - Trace
Llyn Y Cwn - Du Y Moroedd
Locrian - DrenchedLands
Locrian - Territories
Locrian - New Catastrophism
Locrian & Mamiffer - Bless Them That Curse You
The Lonely Bell - The Outer Banks
The Lonely Bell - The Absent Years
Luftwaffe - Trephanus Uhr
Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles - Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured
Lull - Journey Through Underworlds
Tor Lundvall - Last Light
Tor Lundvall - Empty City
Lux Interna - God Is Not Dead For The Birds
Lux Interna - [a lantern carried in blood and skin]
Ly Tumnus - Tales of Space and Claustrophobia
Machinefabriek - Daas
Man Eat Man Eat Man - Man Eat Man Eat Man
Map 71 - Gloriosa
Map 71 - Void Axis
Map 71 - Turn Back Metropolis
Map 71 - Belladonna Sunsets
Map 71 - Blood Fruit
Map 71 - Symbolic Neon
Mariae Nascenti - Morituri Te Salutant
Mariae Nascenti - Raise Your Paws To The Sky And Break The Truce
Marspiter - Vigila
Kevin Richard Martin - Sirens
Kevin Richard Martin - Return To Solaris
Massimo - Hey Babe, Let Me See Your USB…and I'll Show You My Firewire
Master/Slave Relationship - Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene
Matmos - The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of a Beast
MAYa & Tolga Baklacioglu - Kına
MAYa & Tolga Baklacioglu - Kına (Remix EP)
MAYa - allyoueverwanted and interview
Drew McDowall - Collapse
Drew McDowall - Unnatural Channel
Drew McDowall & Hiro Kone - The Ghost of Georges Bataille
Rose McDowall, Naevus and Sonver - Music Box 2008
Rose McDowall - Cut With The Cake Knife
Rose McDowall - Our Twisted Love
Rose McDowall | Shawn Pinchbeck - Far From The Apple Tree
Meat Beat Manifesto & Merzbow - Extinct
SRMeixner - Ten Thousand Ways To Die
K. Meizter - Travelling Light
Mekon - Piece Of Work
Merzbow - A Taste of Merzbow
Merzbow - SCSI Duck
Merzbow - F.I.D.
Merzbow vs Nordvargr - Partikel II
Merzbow - Annica
Merzbow/Z’EV - Spiral Right / Spiral Left
Merzbow/Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - A Perfect Pain
Momus and John Henriksson - Thunderclown
Moon Unit - Hell Horse and Heady Stratus
Mort Douce - Locust Dreams
Mount Vernon Astral Temple - Music That Destroys Itself
Drew Mulholland - The Making of Landscape
Murderous Vision / Kuru - Blood-Brain Barrier
Mushroom's Patience - Spirit of the Mountains
Muslimguaze - Speaking With Hamas
Musterion - The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life
Naevus - Soil
Naevus - Behaviour
Naevus - Sail Away
Naevus - Go Grow
Naevus - Relatively Close To The Sea
Naevus - Days That Go
Naevus - The Division of Labour
Naevus - Curses
Naevus / KnifeLadder - Document 3
Neither / Neither World - She Whispers
Nobody - News From Nowhere
Nocturnal Emissions - Electropunk Karaoke, Live In Europe 1998/99
Nocturnal Emissions / FRAG - Esoteric Sedition
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre - The Doctor: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre - So Long, Lale Andersen
NON - Children of the Black Sun
NON/Boyd Rice - Back To Mono
NON - Blast of Silence
Nordvargr - Awaken
Northumbria & Famine - Blood Orchid
Northumbria - Markland
The Nothing Machine - NMTRv1
The Nothing Machine - NMTRv2
Novy Svet - Cuori Di Petrolio
Novy Svet - Chappaqua
Graeme Nox - Blood-Red Poppies
Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting
Nurse With Wound / Jim O'Rourke - Angry Eelectric Finger 1, Tape Monkey Mooch
Nurse With Wound / Cyclobe - Angry Eelectric Finger 2, Paraparaparallelogrammatica
Nurse With Wound / - Angry Eelectric Finger 3, Mute Bell Extinction Process
Nytt Land - Fimbulvinter
Oblivion Guest - The Light in the Black Hole
Una Shamaa & Oblivion Guest - The Emptiness That Filled The Universe
Of The Wand and The Moon - Midnight Will
Of The Wand and The Moon - Hail Hail Hail
Of The Wand and The Moon - Sonnenheim
Olhon - Veiovis
OM / Current 93 - Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)
Onomatopoeia - A Marble Holder From Andover
O.O.O. - Slow Thaw
O.O.O. - Ignis Fatuus
O.O.O. - A Presence
Ô Paradis - Serpiente De Luna, Serpiente De Sol
Ô Paradis & Nový Svet - Entre Siempre y Jamás Suben las Mareas, Duermen Las Ciudades
Ô Paradis - El Juego Negro
Ô Paradis - La Corte Del Rey Pescador
Oraison - Life + Love = Death = Burden
Orchis - Trait
Order of Melchizedek - ...As Death Gives Way To Victory...
Order of Melchizedek - Beeinflussingsapparat Mass
Sion Orgon - The Zsigmondy Experience
Sion Orgon - Into The Dark
Sion Orgon - Recognition Journal
Sion Orgon - The Black Object
Sion Orgon - Dust
Ela Orleans - Tumult In Clouds
Ela Orleans - Upper Hell
Ela Orleans - Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell
Ela Orleans and Skitter - De Flechettes
Genesis P. Orridge & Z'ev - Direction Ov Travel
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge/Merzbow - A Perfect Pain
Genesis P-Orridge & Dave Ball - Imagining October (OST)
Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio - Dream Less Suite
Ostara - Napoleonic Blues
Ostara - Eclipse of the West
Ostara - Age of Empire
Othon - Digital Angel
Othon - Silky Hands Of A Rough Piano Boy
Othon - Impermanence
Othon - Pineal
Othon - Cobra Coral
Othon - Othon AYA Remixes Vol 1
Othon - The God Within
Our God Weeps - Unity
O Yuki Conjugate - Tropic
Ozymandias - Layla
Ras.Al.Ghul - Sonic Yonic
Pefkin - Inner Circle Outer Circle
Pefkin - Liminal Rites
Pefkin - Murmurations
Pefkin - The Light Bends Inwards
Pefkin - Observations on Land and Sea
Peggy Sue - Peggy Sue Play the Songs of Scorpio Rising
PLSRs - Shroud Gains Gravity
Andrew Poppy - Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling
Protection - The 10" EP
Prurient - The Black Post Society
Psychic TV - Live in Berlin I
Psychic TV - Live in Berlin II
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Alien Brain Vs Maggot Brain
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Mother Sky Vs Alien Sky
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Silver Sundown Machine vs Alien Lightning Meat Machine
Psychic TV - Themes box set
Psychic TV - Hacienda
Psychic TV - The Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light
Psychic TV - Live At Thee Marquee
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Snakes
Psychic TV - Kondole / Dead Cat
Psychic TV - Those Who Do Not
The Psychogeographical Commission - Genius Loci
The Psychogeographical Commission - Patient Zero and interview
Psychonaut - Liber Al Vel Legis
Pyhä Kuolema - Saavun Vaikken Kulkisi
Purest Spiritual Pigs - Purest Spiritual Pigs
PXP - while(p){print} "."," "x$p++}
Jo Quail - The Cartographer
Quttinirpaaq - Let's Hang Out
Radial - Nexus
Radio Werewolf - The Vinyl Solution
Ramleh - Valediction
Ramleh - Circular Time
Ramleh - The Great Unlearning
Ras.Al.Ghul - Sinmatic Layers
Rasal A'Sad - Space Scape
remst8 - Drekka - Drekka < - - > remst8
Reptilicus - Crusher of Bones and interview
Retarder - Enquiries
Reutoff - Gure Nacht, Berlin!
Boyd Rice and Friends - Music, Martinis and Misanthropy
Boyd Rice and Friends - Baptism By Fire
The Boyd Rice Experience - Hatesville
Boyd Rice/NON - Back To Mono
Alasdair Roberts - No Earthly Man
Alasdair Roberts - The Amber Gatherers
Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petit - Last Of The Dead Hot Lovers
Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petit - Chapel in the Pines
Rosa Mundi/Tactile - Grief
Rose Rovine e Amanti - Rituale Romanum
Rose Rovine e Amanti - Early and Unreleased Songs
Rose Rovine e Amanti - Demian
Sagittarius - Songs From The Ivory Tower
Sangre Cavallum - Pátria Granítica
Sangre Cavallum/Allerseelen - Barco Do Vinho
Satori - Kanashibari
Satori - Contemptus Mundi
Schrage Musik/ACL - Eternity / III Me Me Me
Schuster - Blac Flies Resplendent On The Blak Moon
Schuster - The Circle of Angst
Sci Fi Industries - Dead People on Stylish Chairs
Scivias - …And You Will Fear Death Not
Seelenlicht - Gods and Devils
Sehnsucht - Wüste
Senestra - Stanford
Seven Pines - The Garden of Fand
Seventh Harmonic - A Promise of Sacrifice
Steven Severin - Sleepercell
Sheer Zed - Do Not Submit to the Control Claw
Sheer Zed - Thai Occult Road Trip
Sheer Zed - Hidden Pathways
Shellac - Excellent Italian Greyhound
Shift - Altamont Rising
Shinjuku Thief - The Scribbler
Shy Child - Please Consider Our Time
Sickness Of Snakes - Nightmare Culture
Sieben - Forbid The Sun's Escape
Sieben - The Line and the Hook
Sieben - Sex & Wildflowers
Silence & Strength - Opus Paracelsum
Simeone - An Introduction To Simeone
Sistrenatus - Division One
Six Comm - Headless and interview
Six Comm / Hexas - Torture Gardeners / Beneath The Sin
Skitliv - Amfetamin
Skitliv - Bloodletting
Skullflower - Malediction
Skullflower - Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses
Skullflower/Mastery - Skullflower/Mastery
Skullflower - Draconis
Skullflower - The Spirals Of Great Harm
Sleeping Pictures - Many Hands Should Throw Stones
Sleeping Pictures - Nether Edge
Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr - Voir Dire
The Soil Bleeds Black - Mirror of the Middle Ages
Soiled - Mind Numb
Sol - Where Suns Come To Die
Sol Invictus - The Hill Of Crosses and interview
Sol Invictus - Brugge
Sol Invictus - Paris
Sol Invictus, Rose Rovine E Amanti, Andrew King - A Mythological Prospect on The Citie of Londinium
South Saturn Delta - Experience The Concreteness
Splintered - Turned Inside Out
Splintered - Moraine
Splintered - Between Scylla and Charybdis
Splinterskin - Wayward Souls
Jacek Staniszewski - Zawstydzajacy Dar
Mark Stewart - The Politics of Envy
Mark Stewart - Kiss The Future
Stone Breath - Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis
Straiph - Thin Bony Scour
Streicher - War Without End
Strings of Consciousness - From Beyond Love
Sturmpercht - Geister Im Waldgebirg
Sturmpercht - A Wilde Zeit
Sturmpercht - Schattenlieder
Stylus - Pedwar
Stylus - Eisteddfod
Sub Luna - Awake
Suspicion Breeds Confidence - Déjà vu of a Duck
Sutcliffe Jugend - Pigdaddy
Sutcliffe Jugend - With Extreme Prejudice
Sutcliffe Jugend - Offal
Sutcliffe Jugend - Shame
Svarrogh - Yer Su
Svarrogh - South European Folk Compendium
Swans - Forever Burned
Tactile / Rosa Mundi - Grief
Tactile - Bipolar Explorer
Teatro Satanico - Muzakiller
Teatro Satanico - Black Magick Block
Teatro Satanico - Friends and Fiends
TenHornedBeast - The Sacred Truth
TenHornedBeast/Marzurann - split CD
TenHornedBeast - My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth
TenHornedBeast - Hunts & Wars
TenHornedBeast - Death Has No Companion
TenHornedBeast - The Lamp Of No Light
Tervahäät - Tervahäät
Theme - On Parallel Shores Removed
Theme - Our Angels Dislocated
Theme - No Emotions Catered For
Theme - Sacral Blood Warning
Thighpaulsandra - I, Thighpaulsandra and interview
Thighpaulsandra - Double Vulgar
Thighpaulsandra - The Lepore Extrusion
Thighpaulsandra - The Golden Communion
Thighpaulsandra - Practical Electronics
This Is Radio Silence - Fallen Men
This Is Radio Silence - This Is Radio Silence
Timescape Zero - Total War
Alex Tiuniaev - I Knew Her
Toll - Christ Knows
Tomorrow Syndicate - Citizen Input
TOROIDH - Europe Is Dead and interview
Toroidh - Testament
Transparent Illusion - Still Human
Trepaneringsritualen - Perfection & Permanence
Tribe of Circle - The Advent of Redemption
The Triple Tree - The Turning Wheel
The Triple Tree - Ghosts
Tunnels of Āh - Lost Corridors
Tunnels of Āh - Thus Avici
Tunnels of Āh - Surgical Fires
Tunnels of Āh - Charnel Transmissions
Tunnels of Āh - Deathless Mind
Tunnels of Āh - The Smeared Cloth (2012 - 2018 Unearthed)
Twelve Thousand Days - Insect Silence
Twelve Thousand Days - Field's End
Twelve Thousand Days - The Boatman On The Downs
UnicaZürn - Temporal Bends
Ultraphonist - Discover The Anti Stress
Unborn Ghost - Airs of Contempt and Derision
Upland - Upland
Urawa - Villa Vertigo
URUK - Mysterium Coniunctionis
URUK - The Great Central Sun
Vague Terrain Recordings - A Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact
Valley of Fear - Valley of Fear
Vestigial - Aeon
Virta - Elon Syvä Lempi
Visions - Summoning The Void
Volcano The Bear - Five Hundred Boy Piano
Volksweerbarheid - Van Kogels, Drank en Wrakhout
Vom - Initiation
Von Magnet - Ni Predateur Ni Proie
Von Thronstahl - Imperium Internum
Von Thronstahl - E Pluribus Unum
V.O.S. - Veil of Secrecy
M.S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, R.K. Faulhaber - The Sleeping Moustache
Waldteufel - Heimliches Deutschland
Waldteufel - Sanguis
We Be Echo - Ceza Evi - Compleat Edition
David Wells - Drone Works # 9
David Wells - Rojo
Werkraum - Unsere Feuer Brennen!
Werkraum - Kristalle
Werkraum - Early Love Music
Westwind - The Bunker
While Angels Watch - Dark Age
While Angels Watch - Still The Star Shines
While Angels Watch - History & Heritage and interview
While Angels Watch - Interregnum
While Angels Watch - History & Heritage Vol. II
Wicked King Wicker - God Is Busy... Save Yourself
Wicked King Wicker - Evolving
David E. Williams - Hope Springs A Turtle and interview
David E. Williams - The Strike Zone
David E. Williams - Pseudo Erotica and Beyond 1988-1996
David E. Williams - Every Missing Duck Is A Duck Missed
David E. Williams - Trust No Scaffold Built of This Bone
David E. Williams - Hospice Chorale
David E. Williams - Banana Peel Slips On Itself
David E. Williams - Get Me A Ladder... Get Me A Ladder!
David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project - 7-inch EP
Rozz Williams - Accept The Gift Of Sin
Leslie Winer / CM von Hausswolff - (1)
Wire - Read and Burn 01
Wire - Read and Burn 02
Wire - Read and Burn 03
Bain Wolfkind - Music For Lovers and Gangsters
Joolie Wood - Tales of Colour and White
WYRM / - Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection #1/Labyrinth Defector
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - Full Moon June
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - The Suffolk Workings
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - New Etheric Muse
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - Lords of the Green Grass
Young Hunting - Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition
Za Frûmi - Legends Act 3 - Cults
Za Frûmi - Legends Act 4 - Orders
Za Frûmi - Barrow Wights
Zeni Geva - Maximum Money Monster
Zeni Geva - Maximum Implosion
Z'EV - Eleven Mirrors To The Light
Z'ev / Francisco López - Buzzin' Fly / Dormant Spores
Z'ev and Nick Parkin - The Ascending Scale
Zone - Alien Nature
Zos Kia/Coil - Transparent
Zos Kia - 23
:zoviet*france: - The Tables Are Turning
V/A - All My Sins Remembered: The Sonic Worlds of John Murphy
V/A - All My Sins Remembered II: The Sonic Worlds of John Murphy
V/A - The Appeal of Discarded Orthodoxy: A Tribute to David E. Williams
V/A - Arable Farmland sampler
V/A - Autumn Blood (Constructions)
V/A - Bacterium
V/A - Europa Aeterna (Heimdallr compilation)
V/A - Fourth Dimension Records present Presently Untitled
V/A - Hermann Hendrich
V/A - ...It Just Is: In Memoriam Jhonn Balance
V/A - The Lotus Eaters, A Tribute to Dead Can Dance
V/A - Manifest Destiny, A New World Digest
V/A - Boyd Rice presents Music For Pussycats
V/A - Noise Factory sampler
V/A - Operative Records, 1
V/A - Sacral Symphony
V/A - Swarm, A Cold Spring Records Sampler
V/A - Tal Mont De Lune, Final Musik compilation
V/A - The Outsider, An Aural Channelling of H. P. Lovecraft
V/A - This Connected, a This Co compilation
V/A - Topheth Prophet - Tel Aviv Aftermath
V/A - Volume 1: The Astral Academy of the Senoi Sound Archive
V/A - Votive Offerings
V/A - Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe
V/A - Women Sing Williams: Songs of David E. Williams in the Female Voice
V/A - X Rated: The Dark Files

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Defying Gravity: Jordan's Story
Jordan Mooney, Cathi Unsworth
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Boyd Rice, edited by Whale Song Partridge
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