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ALT - White-Out

ALT's White-Out is a homespun brew of industrial, krautrock and noise rumblings. The pulsating distortion of the first track, 'Long Now', picks up on old school industrial greyness. The second track 'Cold Bones' is even heavier with shuddering vibrations; its heavy low end sounds so deep they shake your speakers. The tremulous throb is underlined with soft rustling rhythms, the occasional clank and chiming guitar notes, that pushes the krautrock influences into LaBradford / Stars of the Lid territory. The other two tracks on this debut EP are far noisier affairs. 'Whiteout' is awash with jerky bass throb, distorted rumblings and soft-swishing rhythm, while 'Mirror Phase' is part obliterated motorik beat and part scraping tape abuse.

Each of the tracks on White-Out was compiled from separate tapes of guitar, bass and noise cut and pasted together. It's a distinctly DIY approach but ALT deliver an engaging musical vision to ensure these anonymous experimental minimalists are well worth checking out. White-Out EP is available as a CD-R or even better both the White-Out EP and a newer EP Pulse II are available to buy through Indmill Records as a high quality 320 Kbps MP3 for a little over a pound each with 5% being donated to charity. For more information go to