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Alex Tiuniaev - I Knew Her

I Knew Her enters with soft tones and textures quietly mapping out the the territory for the music to grow. And grow it does, with gentle deep swathes of cello hum that lay out the central melody that will form the cornerstone of this single 40 + minute track. As the cello driven melody continuously repeats itself 'graceful' strings and an angelic choir of voices are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the compositions; its graceful swells revealing subtle nuances and intricacies. You can't help but be drawn into its ascendant score as it continually strives heavenwards.

I Knew Her is unarguably a surprising release for Cold Spring. Its neo-classical score really lacks dynamics. There are no strident strings or anything remotely bombastic. I Knew Her is where neo-classical music becomes mood music. There is an overriding feeling of melancholy and sorrow to the piece, its elegiac feel creating a space for reflection and for reverie succinctly captured in its dedication "to those out there seeking love..." With the repetitious nature of the composition Alex Tiuniaev has struck a bold move but for those who succumb to its simplicty will find the entire piece is shot through with a strong emotional depth. At times I even felt my breathing was in step with the music, and found the 40-minute duration pass alarmingly quickly. Naturally as an electronic musician the score was particularly synthetic but the mood was real enough. Repetitious, reflective and relaxing I Knew Her was quite unlike what I was expecting and all the better for it. For more information go to