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Allerseelen - Knistern/Löwin

'Knistern/Löwin' is the latest 7-inch single from Allerseelen the technosophic outfit lead by the Austrian composer and researcher Gerhard. I've only recently reacquainted myself with the works of Allerseelen (subsequent to receiving this I've already purchased two new Allerseelen CDs - and will be picking up the others) and am pleased to report that this single of melodic experimental pop is a commendable encapsulation of Gerhard's vision entwining philosophy with modern electronics.

It maintain the percussion driven dynamism associated with Allerseelen. Both tracks feature memorable melodies and the softly spoken voice of Gerhard reciting the lyrics. A recurrent eastern motif features on Knistern propelled by electronic rhythms while 'Löwin', a glossy reworking of 'Bis Du Die Nacht', opts for acoustic guitars and piano. There's a sombre and melancholic air hanging over this release,and a sense of timeless beauty.

On the evidence of these two tracks Gerhard is pursuing a singular approach conceptually and musically. A Hermann Hesse quotation, and a sensual and symbolic painting from Louis Welden Hawkins completes this immaculate package.

The new Allerseelen release Flamme will be released as a limited deluxe double LP edition by the Austrian label Ahnstern. All the apocalyptic pop, folklore magico and flamenco magnetico recordings have already been finished. This double LP will also contain a powerful cover version of the song 'Als wärs das letzte Mal' by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. Flamme is limited to 600 copies only.

Special double LP versions of Archaische Arbeiten and Heimliche Welt will follow imminently. Both are limited to 600 copies only. A very special box set is also planned featuring 10 Double LPs from Allerseelen, containing remastered and re-evaluated recordings of all Allerseelen releases including Archaische Arbeiten and Heimliche Welt which feature the best moments from the original Allerseelen cassette releases. The Ahnstern boxset will feature 10 double vinyl albums housed in a wooden box. The Ahnstern boxset is limited to 100 copies. For further information go to