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Allerseelen - Knospe

Over the past few years Allerseelen have released a slew of seven-inch singles containing some of their finest material. The established technosophist outfit under the guidance of Gerhard have long since moved away from industrial noise and rhythm to something much more palatable. This time their esoteric pursuits have lead them to a poem by Goethe. The two tracks on this single both entitled 'Knospe' are suitably different in their approach. One track features a moody, pensive vocal from Gerhard over shuffling looped melody with spiralling guitar shards. The flipside offers an absurdist version, with a manic pre-war cabaret feel, a nonsensical rhythm, off-kilter piano melody and some Krautrock inspired guitar lines. Allerseelen have reached a point where they are performing poppy hypnotic grooves with a heady psychedelic combination of Gnosticism and poetry. For more information go to