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Another Headache - Pushing The Envelope

Another Headache were perennial mainstays of the early nineties post-industrial cassette culture contributing to tapes from the likes of Mindscan, and Impulse. A number of singles slipped out - including Serendipity, a fine double single on Dirter - alongside some appearances on compilation CDs and then they literally disappeared. For whatever reason David Bourgoin has decided to revive the project and the four tracks on Pushing The Envelope represent the first offerings. The CD EP continues the groups fine ability to create unsettling soundscapes from drones and sound collage.

The opening track veers from sound samples, optimistic classical singing set against running and gushing water. The sound of melodic guitar fades in as the background sounds fade out before a series of inane American TV samples bring the track to the close. The ominous drone of 'Lunar Water' is augmented by a series of effects that flicker into range punctuated by a rhythmical noise. 'Flux' follows, a warm gentle pulselike drone that you can almost feel enveloping around you. 'Contact', the final track, is an interesting combination of sound collage, with a slow electronic pulse throughout with concurrent dialogue from the telephone including those of a large breasted swinging lady. The opening words on this release: "might as well start about now" may as well as apply to Another Headache themselves, as these four tracks represent a fine (re)-introduction to their exploratory sound work. Pushing The Envelope is released by the Portuguese label Thisco, and new releases combining previously unissued old material with new work should surface soonish. For more information go to or