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Aural Holograms - Vol 1

A cool, calm recording formed from three distinct source recordings split between North Eastern Guatemala, Czech Republic and Finnmark - Sweden recorded over two decades. The first section 'Before the Great Stone' is awash with serene gliding electronics, punctuated by soft metal percussion. It's a real esoteric treasure with vibrating frequencies that tap into the mysteries of the earth. Sacred ambient music would best describe 'The Day of Opening the Tomb'. Naturally reverb plays a major role here, but the music is all so minimal with dreamy droney pieces given ever so slight pitch changes. Ringing bowls and gongs flesh out the atmospheric sound. If there's an oblique ritual feel to this then it's perhaps not surprising as Aural Holograms feature individuals involved in the Finnish label Aural Hypnox, and some of the musicians behind projects such as Halo Manasch. The final track 'Beyond the Black Deep' is much more nocturnal and eerie, emitting shifting dark drones over spartan percussion. It's the longest track here and the least interesting as despite the tiny modifications in tone very little else happens over the course of a hefty 41 minute running time. That said, the slow oscillating tones and arching drones found on Aural Holograms Vol 1 will draw in those with an ear for minute detail, where the slightest pitch and tone change becomes a thing of haunting simplicity. Aural Holograms Vol 1 is released in an edition of 1000 copies housed in impressive handmade packaging with the CD contained in a foldout cardboard envelope type sleeve with hand printed designs. For more information go to