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Baby Dee - 4 track EP

Baby Dee is a transsexual musician / performer whose vaudeville styled act featured an accordion, harp and a high-rise tricycle. An inspiration and muse to Antony - of Johnsons fame. This 4 track EP provides further examples of Baby Dee's unique style where elegant piano is mixed with a gospel tinged delivery that's tremendously moving. Comparisons with Antony are inevitable but Baby Dee's songs are more fragile, more delicate - without the overall feeling of sorrow being diminished. Of course Baby Dee's voice doesn't compare to Antony's expansive soul-sweep vocal range. If given a chance, however, Baby Dee may well become your favourite harp / accordion playing transsexual performer. This EP was recorded for the launch party of Baby Dee's Little Window album on David Tibet's Durtro label and is strictly limited to 500 copies. For more information go to