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Babyflesh - New Wave of Cynicism

'The Fight Is On', 'Overdose of Hate', 'Here Comes The Pain' and 'Mantra for the Nihilist' are a snapshot of titles from this. It's hardly surprising then that New Wave of Cynicism brings forth another onslaught of industrialised noise from this Danish outfit. New Wave of Cynicism is the second release from Babyflesh, following Curiosity Killed the Angel which was released on Slaughter Productions in 2002.

For the most part this is rhythmic noise interspersed with phased and hollered lyrics and sampled dialogue. Babyflesh opt for structured noise, with layered and cyclical noise, or stuttering analogue electronics with machine rhythms. The tracks are slow and not as harsh as you may expect with elements of grinding dark ambient. Recorded over a two year period this may herald a New Wave of Cynicism, but this is old school industrial noise, right down to the stark black and white cover visuals of plain typefaces and badly reproduced passport photographs. New Wave of Cynicism is unlikely to convert the uninitiated but followers of the death industrial scene can lap up the industrialised noise that can be found here. For more information go to