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Backworld - The Seeds of Love

If anyone was to bring together the Scottish music scene and the apocalyptic folk genre my money would have been on Rose McDowall, due to her Scottish roots and previous work with the Pastels and recent live performance with the Telstar Ponies. Who would have considered Joe Budenholzer the Backworld frontman, and occasional guitarist with Current Ninety Three and Fire & Ice. His surprise relocation from New York to Glasgow hasn't resulted in a radical change of musical direction for Backworld though.

The Seeds of Love EP demonstrates Budenholzer's beautiful lilting folk ballads, assembling an impressive array of characters around him: Drew McDowall (Coil), David Tibet (Current Ninety Three) and his newly acquired Scottish contingent including Isobel Campbell (ex-Belle and Sebastian / Gentle Waves), Bill Wells (Bill Wells Trio) and David Keenan (Telstar Ponies and author of England's Hidden Reverse) - and, yes I'm well aware Drew McDowall is Scottish too. Perhaps more acoustic based compared to last years stunning Of Silver Sleep or any other Backworld title. Isobel Campbell lends her sweet, fey vocal to a rather sparse rendition of the 50's girl group classic 'Tammy'. David Tibet rasps and rages on 'The Lamb and the Lion', poles apart from his recent subdued and pensive material and in doing so manages to recall prime folk-era Current 93 tracks whilst referencing current obsessions. The instrumental 'Three Days' features Campbell's cello ache and Wells medieval piano score over Budenholzer's plucked guitar sound. My favourite song here is the definitely the title track with its regenerative lyric and sixties folk harmonies.

I've got more than a passing interest in the work of most involved here and I know friends and family back in Scotland, previously unfamiliar with Backworld, have been impressed by recent live performances but despite my best efforts I only rate this a good CD, and not a great one. For more information go to