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Band of Pain - Que Amiga?

Que Amiga? is the latest release from Band of Pain, featuring Steve Pittis a sometime member of Splintered and proprietor of Dirter Promotions. This follows their much lauded soundtrack piece to Nigel Wingrove's lesbian nun horror flick, Sacred Flesh - another Cold Spring title. This, however, hasn't been composed for any specific purpose, therefore Steve Pittis is allowed free reign to mould the sounds herein. The imaginary soundtrack cliché is perhaps the most fitting description for Que Amiga?, although I guess a few years ago this could have been called isolationist. There's a relative stillness to Que Amiga? as sounds unwind ever so slowly. It's this capacity for sound drift that lends the music its edginess. 'Bitter End' is a prime example of unerring edginess despite the apparent motionlessness of sound. Que Amiga? achieves a sense of claustrophibia via reverberating electronics and heavy submerged sounds. In fact a sense of foreboding is achieved throughout Que Amiga? without very little happening at all. Quite an achievement but I could live without the drug taking samples on 'The Look In Her Eyes', and in fact most of the dialogue but it's perhaps not surprising that Steve Pittis / Band of Pain are garnering attention from those Hollywood types. For more information go to