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Belborn - 3 Three Drei

Belborn revolve around the trio of Holger F, Susanne H, and their young daughter, and 3 Three Drei represents their second album. The dark folk produced by this Bavarian trio features - acoustic guitar, and spartan percussion, while Holger F delivers the lyrics in his native German tongue. This release, following an eponymous release and picture disc on World Serpent, foregoes much of their earlier keyboard sounds for a purer acoustic sound that is both mournful and majestic. It still carries traces of melodic pop songs and medieval musics and is imbued with an overtly spiritual feel populated by a passion for Northern gods, runes and mysticism. In an intimate setting this may be powerful but spread over the length of a CD Belborn, like many others in the dark folk camp, are quite unlikely to awaken one's slumbering pagan spirit. For more information go to