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Bisclaveret - Psyche Nomine

Bisclaveret's debut CD Psyche Nomine is a slow-churning series of electronic tones and spacey synth sounds set within a dark ambient framework. It's concerned with human subconscious and as such the heavyset voices that appear throughout are mixed way down. Echoed, reverberated and electronically slowed they become another layer of sound. Psyche Nomine traverses a fine line between lightness and darkness. The occassional flurry of strings adds a degree of tension but this Polish duo show a deftness in their approach to dark ambient bringing to it some unexpected elements. The soft orchestral stylings and suspended piano chords of 'Voices From Another State of Mind ... Heart and Body' would be relaxing if it wasn't for the undercurrent of hushed deep voices that tap into something far more ominous. Later on the track reinvents itself into something more bombastic as strings surge amidst eerie industrial ambience. On 'Dead For The World' elongated synths hover over a reverberating wall of massed vocal hum while Dragos imparts fragmented words with the calm tones of a self-help relaxation tape voiceover. The album progresses or at least continues in much the same way with elements of orchestral and noise worming their way into the mix. Thelemites may care to note that the words of Aleister Crowley form the basis of 'Akeldama XIV' - though like most lyrics on Psyche Nomine they're delivered in such a gruff and processed manner they're completely indecipherable.

Bisclaveret have succeeded in adding fresh shades of light and dark to dark ambient but the off-putting and comic voices detract from some fine music. I think I may have enjoyed it more had it been instrumental. Nice fold-out packaging though. For more information go to