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Black Faction - Internal Dissident

Internal Dissident is the latest CD from Black Faction, an outfit who have previously issued material on the Soleilmoon label under the moniker Foreign Terrain. Internal Dissident is a contemporary reworking of Dante's The Divine Comedy updated by this Manchester based sound sculptor Andrew Diey. 'Manchestique Concréte' is directly inspired by the electronica scene of his home city (think Warp, New Order, Muslimgauze) while the beats of 'Afghan Front' and 'Sepia Indate' with their flirtations with Arabic sounds is a worthy tribute to fellow Mancunian Bryn Jones. 'Caustic Burial Tape Part I' combines spoken word passages with haunting string backdrops to accompany the electronic beats and rhythms. 'Caustic Burial Tape Part II' is a particular highlight where cello's swell with tinkering percussion, and electro beats pulsate over an assortment of varied voices and artificial textures. Overall though Internal Dissident is a competent and worthwhile slice of prime electronica that's firmly in the Skam / Warp scheme of things. Lookout for a limited live release of Internal Dissident. For more information contact