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Black Sun Productions - Im Gegenteil

A taster for their forthcoming full length album The Impossibility of Silence sees the Black Sun boys return with their most rhythmically and electronically charged release to date. Im Gegenteil gets off to a deceptively serene start with the crystallised drifting motions and glacial frequencies of 'A Well Hung Mon', with a muted piano score and muffled rhythmic underpinnings. Fluttering electro beats swathe the voice of Massimo as grand symphonic chords sweep before Pierce enters the fray as the music morphs into a combination of marimba and ponderous hand drums. The stuttering electro charge of 'God?' complete with techno breaks and a questioning Germanic sample is beats and bleeps and far removed from any other Black Sun Production track. Keening industrial sounds and the rush of tablas comprise the closing track 'Das Gegenteil' that introduces a tribal element to their palette of sounds before climaxing with a morass of treated voices.

For all their erotic allure and sexual fantasies the first few releases from the tattooed and pierced boys of Black Sun Productions appeared somewhat limp, promising more than they could deliver. OpertteAmorale, their cabartesque distillation of the works of Brecht, was one of the vital releases of 2005. With Im Gegenteil, Massimo, Pierce and Drazen have demonstrated that they can more than adequately harness their vision into alluring musical structures. Clearly the black sun is in ascendance. Im Gegenteil is released in an edition of 333 copies on Sheela-Na-Gig Sha-Na Penisring Ning. For more information go to or