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Bocksholm - Excursions by the Bank of the Black River

Bocksholm is a collaboration between Peter Andersson of Deutsch Nepal and his Danish namesake from Raison D'etre. Both musicians are well respected in the underground music scene: Deutsch Nepal for their rhythmic atmospheric music on the Staalplaaat and Cold Meat Industry labels, while Raison D'etre are masters in the dark ambient field, even providing soundtracks to Scandinavian horror movies.

A collaboration should therefore be quite interesting and productive yet Excursions by the Bank of the Black River proves to be a grey and depressing listen. It's a desolate industrial wasteland of corrosive and scraping textures and metallic rhythms. Metallic objects are pummelled and bashed, keyboards ache and moan in a gruelling fashion, everything appears heavily weighted. This is industrial atmospherics at their dim and darkest.

As a minor aside Current 93 fanatics may care to note that one track is entitled 'Stenbock and his Disciples' perhaps a reference to David Tibet's favourite decadent author. Bocksholm is inspired by the hometown of both Peter Anderssons. Bocksholm is released on the Tesco Records label. For more information go to