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Brighter Death Now - Why

Brighter Death Now have released the 'Why' / 'Never Again' 12-inch on Jinx Records of the USA. Roger Karmanik, the owner of Cold Meat Industry, is the sole member of Brighter Death Now. This 12-inch captures what Karmanik has termed death industrial, a harsher and more sinister type of industrial music. The stark black and white visuals - a child's photos adorned with the word WHY - pay homage to early 80s hardcore sleeve designs, which Karmanik was once heavily influenced by. 'Why' features disgruntled ranting, severely processed to make the words indistinguishable. In many ways the treated voices become another texture to the rumbling electronics and piercing screeches. Never Again is slightly more restrained but just as effective. This is an exceptionally heavy duty vinyl with a beautiful embossed sleeve design. Only 777 copies and as Brighter Death Now inspire such a cult following these won't last long at all. Next year Jinx records plan to issue a 6 CD boxset from Slogun.