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Buddhist Or Assassin - Limerence Story

Queasy Listening continue their "lost objects" campaign where CDs are surreptiously secreted at significant locations in order to pre-empt a chance encounter. Buddhist Or Assassin Present For Your Pleasure Limerence Story is the latest to join releases already secreted at such sites as Chislehurst Caves, and the basement of an occult bookstore. Buddhist Or Assassin is devoted to the chemical state of limerence mistakenly regarded by many as love. Queasy Listening Records have suggested that copies should be left, like departed lovers, on empty train platforms at night.

In true romantic fashion it features lush orchestration and atmospheric music, and smooth magickal voiceovers. Hyenas wail over percussion as we enter the '17th Tunnel of Love' haunted by an astral manifestation neither human nor animal. A simple guitar line segues into swirling strings and electronic effects, while the pounding of percussion and a marching death beat underpin the sweeping arrangements of 'Kabultiloa II'. Following the occult psychedelia of The Last Mushrooms Queasy Listening once again deliver another work of mystical significance bringing together the work of Aleister Crowley, and Hammer Films with their own Jack Babylon. For more information go to