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C.O.T.A. - Marches and Meditations

Marches and Meditations is a peculiar release that proved problematic in pinning down. Over the course of 5 tracks, and over 60 minutes of playing time, C.O.T.A. beat out primitive rhythms over electronics or pursue a purer ritual approach combined with tribal percussion and frenzied chanting voices. Their ritual ambience inhabits similar sacred spaces as Crash Worship ADRV, Psychonaut 75 and particularly Mother Destruction - a more apt comparison as both groups acknowledge their connection to nature, share a passion for feminine knowledge and express ecological concerns, The acoustic nature of C.O.T.A.'s debut is replaced by percussive and electro journeys but a few of the tracks convey an atavistic urge, a primal ooze - especially 'The Hunt' which invokes scenes of nocturnal ritual drumming deep in the heart of the wood. A more brutal approach to the editing process may have refined Marches and Meditations but a minor quibble to an otherwise positive listening experience. For more information go to