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Captain Sons & Daughters - Brighter Than The Universe

Post-rock mannerisms and atmo-effects - kinda like the drifting soundscapes of Labradford - surround the first single from Captain Sons & Daughters. A gentle shiver, reverberating guitar chime and obscured soft spoken words from Kara Bohnenstiel comprise 'Brighter Than The Universe'. Only the warmth and gentle electronic tones might make the most astute listener realise that Captain Sons & Daughters feature Drew McDowall of Coil. A surprsing debut and a delightful single in hand crafted sleeve with sewn in transparency. This is the first in a series of 5, and is limited to 100 copies. The record is $10. Shipping is $5 UPS Ground Service in the U.S. Airmail rates to Canada are $4. Rest of the world $8. Payment should be by money order in U.S. currency, made out to Kara Bohnenstiel and sent to: Captain Sons and Daughters, 420 E9th St. #8, New York City, New York 10009, USA. For more information contact