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Captain Sons and Daughters - Sweet Fang / Greenery

Captain Sons and Daughters deal in melliferous sound pieces where atmosphere is the key. The opening reverbed guitar chime of 'Sweet Fang' may hint at a Godspeed influence but just as the vocal harmonies surface the entire thing disintegrates into wayward guitar ambience, floating on atmo-chords and skewed harmonies before settling into a Velvetesque chug. 'Greenery' on the flip is like an experimental tribute to Martin Denny, the exotica king, with its use of bird calls and xylophone. It all slowly unwinds to a melody cajoled from some drone device. This is the second in a planned series of 5 singles from Captain Sons and Daughters, a duo featuring Kara Bohenstiel and Drew McDowall, a former member of Coil during the Astral Disaster, Moon's Milk sessions and on the Time Machines and ElpH releases. Numbered edition of 180 in unique hand-designed sleeves. For more information contact