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Carter Tutti - Cabal

Carter Tutti are Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti better known as one-half of pioneering industrialists Throbbing Gristle and as the rhythmically oriented duo of Chris & Cosey. Carter Tutti represents their latest manifestation, inaugurated to dispel expectations and allow them to present their more experimental and less structured output. You wouldn't expect if from the opening track here. 'Sudden Dreaming' is a beautiful melodic track with a flurry of rhythms, shuffling deep bass and Cosey's sensual vocalisations. It's as good as the more melodic output that they recorded as Chris and Cosey. However as Cabal unfurls it gets progressively more abstract providing a rich tapestry of sound whilst maintaining their penchant for melodic electronics and rhythms. The panning effects of 'Uncanny' is awash with aching strings, pulsating beats and gently moaning electronics. 'The Last Ride' is tormented electronics, laced with familiar sprinklings of Cosey's cornet. Heavy phased vocalisations are spread over 'Hunted' with tinkling beats, and sinister atmospheric electronics. Cosey's voice is stretched, slowed down and heavily distorted. 'The Streets of London Fields' is awash with percolating synths, sprinkling of cornets, an oblique reference to their London days and perhaps the most TG-esque track here, given a contemporary setting. Using an assortment of acoustic and digital devices in their newly refurbished studio Cabal allows Carter Tutti to display their most free-form improvisations. It's a sensual, dreamy and captivating listen, you should immerse yourself in it. For more information go to