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Changes - Twilight

Along with the Changes / Andrew King untitled split CD reviewed last month R.N. Taylor passed along a copy of the 'Twilight' 7-inch released on Hau Ruck last year. Containing three orchestrated versions of two tracks that have become centrepieces of the Changes live set, together with 'Icarus' which originally appeared as the first contemporary recordings of the seminal folk-noir outfit on the flipside of 'Fire of Life' issued on gold vinyl by Storm Records in the mid-nineties. The recordings that comprise 'Twilight' are new renditions from the duo of R.N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk, aided by Robert Ferbrache, Buck Hammer and Michael Moynihan.

The title track 'Twilight' is a damning indictment of a civilisation in decline. Taylor's commanding vocal intones a litany of depressive readings - from womens struggle for equality, cuckolded husbands, the church as corporate entity, untrustworthy career minded politicians, education as a leveller - over poised acoustic guitars bolstered by bass and drums and a lamentful organ. Partly inspired by the writings of Francis Parker Yockey and Oswald Spengler and his own observations 'Twilight' has as much if not more relevance to today than when the poem was penned by Taylor in 1971. An original mono rehearsal take can be found on the Fire of Life CD but followers of Changes won't want to miss this definitive version of their keynote track recorded over a decade ago! A flawless summation of the work of Changes. 'Twilight' is dedicated to the memory of the late Robert Ward, editor of the ground breaking publication The Fifth Path.

On 'Icarus' Taylor delivers a warning on the misuse of science and technology in serene and soothing tones with a simple lilting melody, ringing electric guitar and organ chime. It's an apocalyptic ballad that pits progress against nature in its pursuit of power cloaked in the Greek myth of Icarus: "Icarus Your Wings Are Melting, Never Will You Reach The Sun, Though You Feel Your Spirit Soaring, Your Proud Wings Will Come Undone". The simple acoustic strum of 'Waiting For The Fall' that originally appeared on The Pact ... of the Gods compilation is transformed into a spirited rocking version of this apocalyptic and heroic ballad. A rekindling of a slumbering spirit in a rousing call to arms, written especially for Michael Moynihan.

Anyone interested in the work of Changes should seek out Twilight as these are powerful renditions of tracks usually performed acoustically in a folk-noir style. This comes recommended too to anyone wishing to make inroads into the work of the elder statesmen of the apocalyptic folk genre. For more information go to or