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Chirleison - A Whisper

Chirleison are from Sardinia, and have a CD titled A Whisper released on The Fossil Dungeon, an enterprise run by the American based medieval neo-folk band The Soil Bleeds Black. Members of Chirleison started off in an Italian Goth band called Essences. These days comparisons between the music of Chirleison and Camerate Mediolanense, Argine, (to a lesser extent) Ataraxia, are more appropriate. The first two numbers remind one of the Belgian group Algiz who released a CD on Tony Wakeford's Tursa label some years ago. The standard ingredients consist of largely acoustic music, female vocals, with some quite striking percussion, and there is some exquisite use of melody. A Whisper is a fine European neo-classical release, with faultless musicianship and vocals. Recommended. It's not an instantly gratifying release, but played over a period of time, it is really quite appealing. For more information go to or (review by Mike Shankland)