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Chris & Cosey - The Essential Chris & Cosey Collection

In spite of their obvious influence on current dance music (the album Twist permitted many of today's electro boffins the opportunity to remix their favourite Chris & Cosey track) the musical career of Chris & Cosey has been hindered by a catalogue of label and distributor mishaps. The Essential Chris & Cosey Collection is a low priced introduction to the vast archive of Chris & Cosey representing some of their most memorable and accessible tracks from 1981 to 1999.

Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti formed Chris & Cosey after the acrimonious split of the pioneering and vital "industrial" outfit, Throbbing Gristle. In fact both 'Manic Melody' and 'Put Yourself In Los Angeles' took their nascent form during TG's final US tour.

The Essential Collection features the primitive electronic rhythms of Heartbeat, the proto-techno of Trance, the blatant pop stylings of 'October Love Song', and the smooth sophisticated dance rhythms of Muzik Fantastique and Skimble Skamble all laced with Cosey's Nicoesque vocalisations and a smattering of cornet, and those prevalent alluring, hypnotic rhythms. What the Essential Collection displays is Chris & Cosey's mastery of layering sound, adding exotic elements - Martin Denny remains a constant source of inspiration - and mood enhancing subliminals. It's a tremendously sophisticated and unique sound.

What I've always found remarkable about Chris & Cosey is their level headedness their ability to infuse music with magickal leanings, without having to shout about it. Theirs has always been about the deviancy lurking behind their veneer of normality. Listen to the lyrics of 'Cords of Love', 'Sleeping Stephen''s their inherent ability to work on a number of levels that makes them so special. For those unfamiliar with the music of Chris & Cosey this is an ideal opportunity to acquaint yourself with their unique brand of electronic music. And for those already in the know it serves as a gentle reminder of their captivating swathes of electronica.

Parallel to Chris & Cosey they mapped out a more experimental terrain via CTI, producing unstructured soundscapes for film pieces and art installations. Recent releases have seen Chris Carter collaborating with Ian Boddy on the dub ambient sounds of Caged, while the Electronic Ambient Remix Series revisits pivotal moments from their past. Work progresses on new material but in the meantime you really should add this to your collection. For more information go to