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Coil - Remote Viewer

The Remote Viewer is one of Coil's more elusive items, issued on CD-R in a short run of 500 and made available during Coil's spring 2002 tour of Europe. 'Remote Viewing 1' represents one of Coil's more spontaneous offerings with free flowing slabs of electronic sound augmented by organic instruments performed by Cliff Stapleton and Mike Yorke from the expanded Coil live line-up. It reflects their move away from the city of London to the greener pastures of England's West Country. From the oscillating tones of vintage synths, the buzzing drone of the hurdy-gurdy and the squeal of the pipes it blurs the lines between the archaic and the contemporary. It's almost like a celebration of the landscape. 'Remote Viewing 3' continues in a similar manner to the first giving greater prominence to the percussion, with blasts of warped electronics. Like the two additional tracks composed by Peter Christopherson and Danny Hyde it lacks the spontaneity of 'Remote Viewing 1' which is what you'd expect from these studio creations. And while the additional tracks compliment the original they're quite superfluous adding very little for those who already own the CD-R and for that I'm hesitant to recommend it. For more information go to