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Cyclobe - Pathfinder

Cyclobe, the musical project of Steven Thrower and Simon Norris, are undoubtedly producing some of the most hallucinogenic sounds at the moment. 'Remember, Archangels Protect Us' is a heavily processed slice of electronica with a mischievous spirit assembled through layers of squeaking and creaking effects, and electronic tones. It's animalistic and malevolent, and quite unsettling until ghostlike strings rise over electro shudders. 'Pathfinder' has been described as Cyclobe pop and features a flurry of demented effects and a rather nifty rhythm. Limited to 200 split between black and white vinyl on the highly collectible (and rather expensive) Klanggalerie label.

Cyclobe have just launched a sister site to their Brainwashed presence on the web. is offering all available Phantom Code releases for sale, plus a number of special items such as the aforementioned 'Pathfinder' single Death Bed DVD including a limited CD-R of the title music composed by Cyclobe. For more information go to