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Daemonia Nymphe - The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphes/Tyrvasia

French based Prikosnovenie records have decided to re-release two limited edition mini-CDs by Daemonia Nymphe on one disc under the title The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphes/Tyrvasia. Daemonia Nymphe are striving to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity. The Athens based group work with experts in this field to rebuild instruments which were probably used by the Ancients. They are extremely dedicated to their unique mission, and the project works well. A fair number of tracks invoke Pan and the primal spirits of nature. Lyrics and choruses are chanted in both Ancient and Modern Greek. The CD is perhaps not quite as powerful as the 2002 release 'Daemonia Nymphe' (Prikosnovenie PRIK060) but is still of great quality and imagination. The group mange to adopt a sophisticated approach to their work whilst preserving the intensity of their music. Already their work has been used by TV companies, including the UK station Channel Five, and hopefully the group will soon get the recognition that they deserve. The band do not have a website as such, but there is a page dedicated to them on the main Prikosnovenie website. For more information go to (review by Mike Shankland)