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Dark Muse - Sounds from Beyond The Silver Wheel

Dark Muse is the project of Phyll Smith, proprietor and designer of EyeScream jewelry. Sounds from Beyond the Silver Wheel is her first 'proper' CD following numerous efforts via

I was initially put off by the distinctly goth design but was pleasantly surprised by the musical content. A haunting vocal, dark atmospheric sounds, and fluttering percussion features throughout Sounds from Beyond the Silver Wheel. Brittle sound and ethereal vocals but even pounding percussion Sounds From Beyond... maintains a soft and tranquil feel. 'Calm' features frozen and fragile where a soft voice reverberates above guitar effects. Several tracks are lyric based but the voice appears to be used as another instrument, as another layer beside bells, synths, Russian piano, guitars and keyboards. The desolate air of 'Silver Wheel Flow' features environmental sounds amidst the clanging of percussion.

Sounds from Beyond The Silver Wheel is quite unique in its own way and should appeal to those with a penchant for the more ethereal take on ambient musics.

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