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David E Williams - The Strike Zone

The works of David E. Williams have elicited a strange curiosity. His releases are akin to the inherent desire of pedestrians to view a road accident. I Have Forgotten How To Love You his full-length release on Cthulhu Records displayed a morose and twisted vision dressed up in beautiful melodies delivered with deadpan delivery in a voice pitched someplace between David Bowie and Nick Cave at his most sullen.

David E Williams latest release is The Strike Zone, a soundtrack to Norman Macera's film described by the director as "a twisted Wonderful Life, where a psychopathic crossdresser get his shot at big league baseball." It's a soundtrack consisting of lush melodies, haunting strings, and poised piano pieces. In places its tender, dramatic and hedonistic recalling horror, drama, and love movies including the obligatory techno piece - ala Chemical Brothers. What's so good about The Strike Zone is Williams's composition; there's a swinging jazz piece lead by a kazoo, it is eventually replaced by a brass instrument or the cinematic score of 'The Sky Is The Limit' offset by a banjo!

The Strike Zone is a minor triumph for David E Williams, and a great piece of work that needn't languish on William's own label as a CD-R. For more information go to