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David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project - 7-inch EP

This is rockin'. With its bass beats and soaring guitar 'Gert Flirts with Dirt Shirt Bert' acts as an introduction to the new musical project of David E. Williams. On this 4-track EP the noir-troubadour enlists his friends as his new ensemble. With Tesco USA's Jane Elizabeth aiding on the bawled chorus they create this laundry based romance. Most of the group (including Jerome Deppe, Tristan Deppe, Miss Adrina, Ruston Grosse) will be familiar from Williams' last full length album Every Missing Duck Is A Duck Missed. The entire EP seems to carry on the approach of 'Kill Yourself In Cape May' from that album. 'A Million Margarets' and 'Soul Out of Shell' might sound like embellished David E. Williams songs but this is definitely a solid group effort. Just listen to the booming bass and ringing guitar with moments of organ chime and violin of 'A Million Margarets'. 'Soul Out of Shell' picks up on the misery that ached throughout ...Duck... "And when I'm ill, I feel closer to you. When I'm Dead, we'll be together again" he mournfully sings over forlorn keyboards, tremeloed guitar, weeping violin and honeyed backing vocals. It's almost country-tinged and my favourite here. There's no need to fear that Mr Williams is in the midst of some sort of musical crisis. In just over a minute of 'Scratch Not Now' in his inimitable croaked, drawl Williams manages to slip in to the lyric such unsavoury delights as "spastic" and "retard" over a thoroughly engaging violin and piano piece. I like the fact that this was recorded in Baltimore, Maryland. I just hope they send John Waters gets a copy. The rest of you will need to act fast as this EP with its backyard barbecue sleeve is limited to a mere 300 copies. For more information go to or