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David Wells - Rojo

Rojo is the first release I've heard from Edinburgh based drone musician David Wells since his contribution to Paul Bradley's droneworks series. Rojo comprises two tracks with 'One', a slow-mo stretching drone, with a gradual ebb and flow, each wave drawing you further into its immersive layers. There's a lightness here with its stately reverbed tones echoing the sound of a church organ, almost. The original release was confined to one lengthy piece; this reissue separates the track into two, with the second piece prefaced with some stuttering electronics, quietly subsumed by the developing and enveloping church organ like drone. There's less reliance on repeated layers on 'Two', preferring a constant shimmer that continually grows. Wells' doesn't embellish the music here allowing the slow swell of the music to gradually transform and captivate. This second edition of Rojo is limited to 50 copies on CD-R with numerous inserts. For more information go to