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Dawn Desiree - Dawn Desiree

Darkness Enshroud - Totentanz

The Fossil Dungeon, operated by members of the Soil Bleeds Black, is a US based label dedicated to dark experimental music. The Fossil Dungeon will be releasing music in limited runs from new and existing acts. The initiative of The Fossil Dungeon is to create limited and collectible items bearing unusual packaging and design in either the CD-R format or vinyl. The first two items released by The Fossil Dungeon include:

Dawn Desiree is perhaps know to others for her vocal contributions to the atmospheric metal act Rain Fell Within. On her self-titled CD-R release Dawn's soprano voice takes precedence over a backdrop of lamentful piano and keyboard arrangements. It's way too goth-pop for our tastes but some may be won over by her overtly optimistic vocal style. Dawn Desiree is packaged with a full colour fold out cover.

Darkness Enshroud is a project of Michael Ford better known for his other projects Valefor and Psychonaut 75. Darkness Enshroud emerged from the metal group Black Funeral as a vehicle for Ford's black vision of dark experimental and ambient musics. Several releases followed before Ford and his main collaborator Shanna LeJeunne parted ways. Totentanz culled from archive tapes represents Darkness Enshroud's third CD featuring their dark vision and interest in the occult. Unlike its preceding releases Totentanz pulses with industrial rhythm and beats - something Ford's Psychonaut 75 have recently adopted. Totentanz was produced by Mephisto Waltz's Barry Galvin.

Future releases include CD-Rs from Dark Muse, and Arcane Art featuring a member of the Cold Meat Industry act Penitent. For more information go to