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DeSalvo - Mood Poisoner

DeSalvo have been harassing and haranguing Scottish music lovers for quite some time with their blistering assault of hardcore and metal. Their live shows frequently transcend the traditional audience band divide largely due to the antics of lead singer P6, a heavy, heavily tattooed figure who incites and confronts the audience from behind a gimp mask. Mood Poisoner has been some time coming but something this monstrous and visceral is well worth waiting for. Mood Poisoner burns with a twisted intensity fuelled by live-wire guitars that twist and turn through hardcore riffage, continuously exploring the more technical ends of metal. For the most part melody takes a back seat replaced by an aggressive energy, harnessed to solid low-end bass throb, while the drumkit is given a serious onceover. P6, former vocalist with Stretchheads, cuts loose with blistering wails and ravaging screams, over the speedy stop-start structures that break off at tangents. Just listen to the rabid time changes of 'Tonguescraper' with it's twisted refrain of "Find them and fuck them and kill them and bury them". Nasty stuff indeed but Mood Poisoner is dripping with black humour - just check the titles: 'Brown Flag', 'Oedipus Rising' and my favourite 'Cock Swastika'.

'Latrine Lizard' positively burns with its jagged angular guitar, and massive roar to corrosive vocal ejaculations. There's no let-up on the sprawling, spiralling attack of 'Schindler's Lift'. Things slow down on 'Get Black' its mammoth sped-up heavy drone riffs, and P6's clipped outpourings. The whole things ends of the jerky riffs of 'Cock Swastika' before sloping off into droning and wailing guitars to the cries of "Electricity".

DeSalvo count former members of Stretchheads amongst their ranks but this is a far more fully realised and heavier release partly due to the sterling production work of Paul Savage (best known for his work with Arab Strap, and Rock Action label owners Mogwai) who captures a dense savage sound. Helmet, Jesus Lizard and the eccentricities of the Butthole Surfers are obvious pointers but so too could be the noise rock of Zeni Geva or A.N.P.; the guitar histrionics are just as ferocious and inventive.

Mood Poisoner is one hell of a bitter pill to swallow, but you'd be a fool not to pop this one. And don't miss these Glaswegian noiseniks if they head your way. Great stuff. For more information go to