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Death In June Presents KAPO!

KAPO! is Douglas P. and Richard Leviathan, one-half of the Australian group Strength Through Joy (and latterly Ostara), and, in a sense, it appears to reflect Douglas's experience in war torn Croatia. Croatian voices and warzone sirens can be detected amidst the sombre atmosphere and soundtrack styled material hidden inside a sleeve emblazoned with Croatian symbolism and the remains of a melted religious candle. There are echoes of Death In June's work in the evocative andpoetic imagery, and in the pointed guitar, handbells and hushed voices of 'Hero Gallow', and the opening 'Wolf Wind'. However, the low key melody and melancholy, representative of these collaborators, is achieved here through elegant strings and doomy synths that ache with a mournful edge. Some of the tracks adopt a noir-esque orchestral posture. Overall an intensely emotive record that is truly bittersweet, leaving an overwhelmng aftertaste of sadness and sorrow. This revamped and remixed version is bolstered by a number of extra tracks including an acoustic version of 'Only Europa Knows' and 'Wolf Wind' plus a number of rare compilation tracks. For more information go to or