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Death In June - Peaceful Snow

This extremely limited seven-inch single features the first airing of new material from Death In June since the "totenpop" of The Rule Of Thirds. Where The Rule Of Thirds featured stripped back acoustic songs, the two tracks herein sees Death In June adopt a piano based chamber music approach. And unsurprisingly it works particularly well.

A heavy sense of resignation hangs heavy over 'The Peaceful Snow' as Douglas P. aligns his personal fate with the loaded symbolism of Vukovar, a Croatian town that suffered significantly during their civil war and acted as a pivotal point in the attainment of independence. The music of Death In June has carried more than an air of melancholy but the classical piano score by Miro Snejdr really works well with the mournful voice of Douglas P. 'The Maverick Chamber' carries an Eastern European flavour in the opening bars before slipping into a more intricate arrangement. 'The Maverick Chamber' is much harder to decipher but naturally touches upon long time Death In June obsessions. Both tracks feature the familiar studio trickery of Death In June, the panning breath sounds of 'The Peaceful Snow' and the haunting moans founds on 'The Maverick Chamber', but overall the two tracks display a European romanticism that shares an affinity with the likes of Marc Almond and Othon.

Extremocidente should consider themselves lucky for being offered the opportunity to present these two tracks and they've done a fine job issuing the single on pink vinyl in heavy card stock with embossed lettering and debossed foilblock Whiphand logo, with a lyric sheet and three postcards. The entire run is limited to 880 copies with 188 copies signed by Douglas P. and Miro Snejdr. The fluent classical piano score with the rich baritone of Douglas P. only heightens the anticipation for the forthcoming album, Peaceful Snow. For more information go to