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Death In June - The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Extras

Now available separately is The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Extras CD originally included in the stunning stone box edition reissue of Death In June's classic 1986 release. The six track CD housed in full-colour artwork featuring a masked Douglas P. from the original The World That Summer photo shoot. The CD comprises three tracks from The Corn Years compilation and three tracks recorded between 2005-2006.

On 'Love Murder' Douglas P's high-pitched falsetto type vocal of the original is replaced by a creepy whispering over the uneasy atmospherics created by low-key keyboard melody and church organ. 'Rule Again', for the most part, entwines the voices of Douglas P. and David Tibet, in the most Crowleyan of Death In June tracks intoning Aleister Crowley's maxim "Love is the law, Love under will". Bereft of the guitars the track is reduced to menacing electronics treatments, spartan percussive clatter, gongs and trumpets. A simple piano melody leads into the ringing acoustic strum of 'Break the Black Ice' - the lovely bittersweet tones of Rose McDowall taking the lead vocal, contrasting effectively with the shadowy whisperings of David Tibet. It's a remarkably polished rendition of a Death In June classic.

The new renditions of 'Come Before Christ and Murder Love' and 'Torture By Roses' are representative of Death In June's final live performances where Douglas P. performed acoustically, backed by John Murphy on percussion. 'Rocking Horse Night', however, features sweeping electronic treatments, with the pristine delivery of Douglas P., shadowed by slightly effected vocals. There is a purity to the stripped back acoustic tracks but the re-recordings from The Corn Years continue to captivate with their beguiling allure and menacing intent. For more information go to or