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Deathpile - G.R.

Deathpile's latest power noise excursion extrapolates the mind of the Green River killer; Washington State's most notorious - and at the time of writing - unsolved serial killer case. This is harsh power electronics with sadistic lyrics delivered in a frenzied manner. Deathpile is an outlet for the twisted mind of Jonathan Canady. On G.R. he is aided by the undisputed talent of twisted musical troubadour David E. Williams who provides the lashings of non-rhythmic noise. There's a definite aversion and revulsion to prostitutes: "Whores deserve a beating, whores deserve to have their bodies broken, whores deserve to have their breath choked out of them. I wish I could choke every last whore until the streets are clean." I guess, Canady's extrapolations aren't too far removed from the verbal beatings of Peter Sotos.

In between the troubled delivery is taped dialogue with witnesses and news reports. 'Known Victims' is a grisly roll call of those who perished at the hands of this vicious sexual predator. In 2001 Gary Ridgway was arrested on four counts of murder. It is not yet confirmed whether he is the Green River killer but it's expected he will admit to 42 counts of murder. A stark illustration of Ridgway haunts the cover of GR, while Canady's brutal lyrics, often in the first person perspective, are included in the fold-out sleeve.

In terms of musical progression G.R., like most power electronics, doesn't signify much progression but this is a strong entry for those who get off on sex and death, and will satisfy the cravings, for a while at least, of those who musical predilections include Whitehouse, Ramleh and Sutcliffe Jugend. Heaven knows what David E. Williams fans more familiar with twisted loungecore musics will think of this? For more information go to or