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Der Blutharsch - When All Else Fails!

When All Else Fails! is the latest CD from Austria's Der Blutharsch. Solemn martial music sets the tone for Der Blutharsch's fourth studio album featuring an effective blend of classical sampling, military percussion and martial chant. Their main influences remain the classical structures of Laibach, the militaristic bombast of Non and the entire oeuvre of Death In June. Those under the belief that Herr Julius is some sort of fascist pig may be surprised by Albin's keen ear for sampling and cinematic production techniques. Marthyana's female vocals act as a subtle counterpoint to the stoic male vocalisations. When All Else Fails! continues Der Blutharsch's annoying trait of not producing song titles. Outside of Der Blutharsch Albin Julius has demonstrated a great sense of humour but perhaps the jovial chant of track 12 is the first explicit display of this on a Der Blutharsch recording. However I doubt this is sufficient to ensure a banning in certain parts of Europe. On When All Else Fails! Albin is aided by Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal), J Weber (Novy Svet) and Geoffroy D (I.S.K.) The vinyl version features two 10-inches, and a poster sealed inside a container. For more information go to