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Dieter Müh - Cari Saluti

Steve Cammack and Dave Uden have been recording for quite some time now as Dieter Müh. They have forged tentative links with the cult Finnish Sahko label, and recorded an album a few years back with floating Current Ninety Three / Nurse With Wound member Colin Potter.

Cari Saluti was originally released on CD-R by the little known EETapes label it was picked up by Tesco's Functional side label released in a new edition with shiny new artwork. In many ways Dieter Müh conform to an old industrialised sound. Cari Saluti features dirty industrial electronics and a melange of samples. It ranges from the buzzing frequencies of 'Shi Take', the frozen stillness of 'Odalisque' to the looped tones and ever-increasing intensity of 'Relentless'.

Much of Cari Saluti was borne out of live performances, where volume is often the key, here it's combined with an assortment of sounds from gritty electronics, treated sounds and various unusual effects. It's a measured approach where volume and intensity could easily take free reign and in less disciplined hands it could have.

I'd love to hear what Dieter Müh could produce with contemporary electronic sounds or even a laptop for that matter but Cari Saluti amply demonstrates a group at ease with industrial sounds. For more information go to