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Dieter Müh - Aakal

A belated release from UK experimentalists Dieter Müh, giving a side apiece of this 7-inch to a solo track from each of the duo. With 'Aakal' Steve Cammack assisted by Appliance's Michael Parker lock into a heavy industrialised drone with distant shudders and feint taped voices. On 'Nostrum', Dave Uden opts for pulsing electronics over indecipherable chatter pushing the vintage electronics into a heaving throb of sound. 'Earblind', meanwhile, pits some serious tape manipulation against cold electronic treatments. This is old school industrial for sure, right down to the fold out black and white sleeve and camouflaged vinyl. A minor release from Dieter Müh but one that should satisfy drone fans and followers of these avant experimentalists.

Just out is Atomyriades the new Dieter Müh / MNEM CD featuring manipulations of source material supplied by MNEM. Atomyriades is released on Cipher Productions. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming collaboration with occultist and esoteric writer Lon Milo DuQuette set for release on their own imprint later in the year. Aakal is limited to 400 copies on Harbinger Sound. For more information go to