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Fjernlys - Ascending Triads and Luminous Arcs

Ascending Triads and Luminous Arcs is the first album from the peculiarly titled Fjernlys, a project featuring one of the members of Inade, a lauded name in the field of dark ambient. Ascending Triads and Luminous Arcs opts for deep resonating tones that are harmonious and hypnotic with a greater emphasis on percussion, and the occasional foray into song based structures. The creeping synth-shudders and deathbeat percussion shrouding the heavyset accented vocals of 'All Sun's Ceaseless Falling' sinks into familiar dark ambient territory. As does 'Trunkene Flut' where German dialogue is set over a series of ambient soundwashes, bass pulses and tinkering hand percussion. The most alluring moments come in the form of 'Indeterminate Nature' where bass-pulses and percussion map out a skeletal melody over rolling atmo-synths recalling some of Coil's later work along the way. 'Nocturnal Wine' is another strong entry sounding like the kind of thing Sigur Ros would do if they were German with a background in dark ambient. Tones, pulses and xylophone coalesce before building into a glorious track of blurred electronics with the xylophone imparting a beautiful melody. The most song based track is 'Rising To A Challenge' with its morose vocals hovering over chugging atmo-synths in a calm, downbeat manner.

Ascending Triads and Luminous Arcs is a surprisingly worthwhile release where the subtle and contemplative tracks arising from drifting, resonating tones outweigh the atypical dark ambient moments. The accompanying CD of remixes and interpretations from Bad Sector, Antlers Mulm, First Law and Lovespell somewhat muddies the waters by dragging the tracks back into a dark ambient / electronic mould. The original disc is a keeper though, and I could find myself returning to a number of the tracks. For more information go to