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Foresta di Ferro - Bury Me Standing

It seem some of the best new music is coming from the perimeters. Phosphorescent from Sword Volcano Complex, and The Visitors from Cyclobe always unravel something new with each listen and now Bury Me Standing the first full release from Foresta di Ferro. As regular Compulsion online readers will know Foresta di Ferro feature Marco Deplano (Wertham), John Murphy (SPK, Current 93, Shining Vril, Knifeladder, Death in June...), and Richard Leviathan (Ostara). Bury Me Standing is an astounding release sculpted out of samples, swathes of atmosphere and song. It's subtitled "the soundtrack for an imaginary docu-drama about faith, misfortune and fanaticism". It's an intelligent piece of work that encompasses Yukio Mishima, kamikaze pilots, suicide-murderer-martyrs ... A sombre atmosphere prevails that captures the sound of cities ravaged by war, but conversely celebrate the compassion of people and the commitment of fanatics of all stripes.

'Kshatrya' is an Ain Soph track featuring a looped effect, and Wertham's harsh vocal. An Italian ballad plays in the background. on 'Militia Christ' they combine art and war, beauty in sacrifice and a sacrifice to beauty. The contributions from Richard Leviathan are perhaps the most accessible and discernible. 'Oakleaf' echoes the acoustic sound of early Ostara. Leviathan even returns to the favoured title of Ernst Jünger for a third time (the others being on KAPO!, and Ostara's Whispers to the Soul). 'On The Marble Cliffs' is the pivotal track on the album where Leviathan delivers his eloquent lyrics over thunderous drum rolls, while Wertham screams behind, and in the distance can be heard a solemn backing and spirited samples. In fact samples, effects and percussion are carefuly interwoven throughout Bury Me Standing. 'Allah Akhbar' (God Is Great) declares Leviathan. A traditional folk styled number closes the album with Deplano vocals. Bury Me Standing is the true meeting point between apocalyptic folk and industrial atmosphere.

Bury Me Standing has been so carefully compiled that it stands head and shoulders above most other releases in the genre. A beautiful booklet of images and lyrics complete this outstanding release on the Hau Ruck label. Highly recommended. For more information go to or