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Foresta di Ferro - Combat Folk

Combat Folk is the debut 7-inch from Foresta di Ferro, the intriguing martial folk outfit comprising Marco Deplano (Wertham), Richard Leviathan (Ostara) and John Murphy (Knifeladder, Shining Vril, Current 93, Death In June, SPK etc). I caught Foresta Di Ferro live in London and was very impressed with their combination of song, speech and music. It's a forceful mixture of spirit and strength. 'Terra' is first rate apocalyptic folk with ringing guitars and political samples. Of which historical figure I'd like to know? 'Fronte San Vittore' is an atmospheric mix of wind chimes and military drumming. The harmonic vocals offer a Morricone inspired flavour to the terse atmosphere. A paean to the criminally minded, and to those who live outside of the law.

Foresta di Ferro & Novy Svet - Bulli E Pupe

Bulli E Pupe is a collaborative effort with Austrian musical subversives Novy Svet. The five tracks spread over two 7-inch singles range from the gruff vocals of 'Sogni Di Piombo'; the smoky bar keyboards of 'Senza Amori Ne Eroi' to the late night jazz of 'Lennemi Fugitif with a sparkling trumpet score. Novy Svet make great collaborations (look out for their collaboration with Ô Paradis) and this one with Foresta di Ferro should appeal to those with an interest in Barry Adamson, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. A passion for their day jobs (Ostara, Knifeladder, Wertham) may help but, believe me, with the quality of these singles it isn't really necesarry. For more information go to or