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Formication - Crossing the Sea by Radio

Formication are a Nottingham based duo who have produced a number of high-quality CD-Rs. Crossing the Sea by Radio follows their debut Decomposed CD-R, and contains a number of electronic ambient tracks together with a number of heavily processed electronic ambient pieces. The title track features heavily submerged sounds, of treated voices and electronic flotsam and jetsam. A gloopy bass anchors the sound to something resembling a structure. 'The Spiral at the Window' unfurls slowly to the sound of half-paced drumming, electronic tinkering, over heavy atmospheres. 'This Summer' and 'Staph Haven' are more closely aligned with the stranger ends of ambient electronica, particularly due to the prominent use of rhythms and jittery basslines. It's an intriguing release that gells the stranger ends of electronic ambient with dark atmospheres.

In other news Formication discovered an abandoned piano in a car park. The piano was unplayable although Formication managed to obtain 13 samples which became the basis for the three tracks spanning 45 minutes that comprise Pieces for a Condemned Piano. Their eulogy to this discarded and neglected item can be downloaded free from For more information go to