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Formication - The Untitled Wasdale Recordings

Formication, the shadowy electronic duo, have been responsible for some prime slices of dark electronica released on their own label. On The Untitled Wasdale Recordings they provide a lengthy meditation inspired and recorded in Cumbria's Lake District. It's an area notable for its scenic beauty and coutnless lakes in England, with numerous sites of standing stones. A fine locale to inspire Formication's sojourn into ritual music. Taken from three days of improvisation at a secret location, it contains many elements familiar to Formication releases, the heavily manipulated rhythms, deep, dark swathes of sound enriched by undercurrents of vague melodies. The Untitled Wasdale Recordings, however, takes their dark electronica into a more melancholic mode, throwing open their sound to reflect the areas mountainous peaks and deep lakes. At points harsh rumblings remind of the jets that fly scarily low over Lake Windermere, and the trains that power through the countryside shattering the stillness and tranquility. Considerable use is made of acoustic guitars, adding a loose improvisary feel to their musical outpourings. On the whole though The Untitled Wasdale Recordings is far lighter in tone and less structured than what we've come to expect from Formication. It's a sidestep into a mystical environment in an attempt to connect with the past and to locate its spiritual core.

The Untitled Wasdale Recordings is available in a special edition of 23 copies in a handmade wooden box with various enclosures, while others can download this for free from their website. This should be regarded as a minor release, though, as they've much better releases available. Still on The Untitled Wasdale Recordings Formication continue to stretch their sound into new territories, and at any rate they keep you guessing. For more information go to