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GOR - Phlegraie

Francesco Banchini is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Naples. In the last three years he has also been the percussionist with Italian neo-classical Medievalist outfit Ataraxia whilst running his own project - GOR - with other associates. Phlegraie is the third full length CD from GOR and his record label describe this work as "entwining fire’s alchemy and Yiddish medieval incantations". Francesco’s work is certainly a marvellous fusion between Middle Eastern and Southern European inspirations with references to theology and his own intricate mysticism: Tracks such as ‘Hymnarium Gnosticum’ and ‘Sulphuraria’ are reminiscent of Medieval dances, other such as ‘Denmophori’ more like Italian folk songs. ‘Trasfiguratio’ is an instrumental which embodies Sufi-like rhythms. Francesco uses Italian and Latin lyrics and some plaintive chants.

GOR’s music takes time to savour and to appreciate; it is not instantly accessible. Francesco reveres complex and musical forms that are unfamiliar or even perplexing to many people, but his work possesses charm, vision and imagination. He researches diverse musical forms with real commitment. After a few plays, Phlegraei becomes a very alluring release indeed. Gor is released on Prikosnovenie. Further information on Francesco’s work can be found at For more information go to or contact (review by Mike Shankland)