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Genesis P. Orridge & Z'ev - Direction Ov Travel

Cold Spring Records continue their campaign of provisional Psychic TV releases with this late eighties collaboration between Genesis P. Orridge and master percussionist Z'ev.

Direction Ov Travel maps out a sacred space via ritual percussion, singing bowls, violin and various percussive devices. The rhythms are particularly restrained and Genesis refrains from breaking the atmosphere with vocal intrusions, allowing the sacred tones to be mapped out at all points. The sounds are evocative and relaxing, and are processed slightly but not enough to detract from the natural and ethnic soundpieces created.

A beautiful booklet and design with texts from Z'ev pertaining to the psychic and physical effects of rhythm and trance states. Genesis provides a slight reminisce of the events surrounding the recording.

It's perhaps not an essential release but a worthwhile, if understated one that demanded a reissue as according to the FOPI discography ( original copies are painfully hard to locate. For more information go to