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Genocide Organ - Genocide Organ

Originally intended for release in Japan in 1990, this was to be Genocide Organ's second album. It finally saw the light of day this year to commemorate their first ever live appearances in Japan. Fans of power electronics will already own this but to the uninitiated, like myself, it's quite apparent why they're held in such high regard as there's much of interest here, sonically speaking. Where Genocide Organ really set themselves above their peers is when they combine other sound sources with repetitive electronic textures. 'Sturmfieber' is a case in point where martial music is juxtaposed with cyclical electronics, and on 'Death to China' hymn-like textures are absorbed by lashings of textured noise.

There's the occasional nod to old school Whitehouse / Sutcliffe Jugend with the desperate vocals and screechy-screech electronics but even 13 years ago Genocide Organ were pursuing a diverse approach to noise. Some of this material has surfaced elsewhere but this is an affordable way to attain this material without resorting to divulging pocketfuls of cash for ultra-rare 7-inch singles on the collector scum market. For more information go to or